2015 / 20:10 – 20:30 [gmt] CROATIEN RADIO / Live from Zagreb

HOERSPIEL – little play to listen

Radio station:                              Croatian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                  Tower Lotrščak
Links:                                             multimedijalnakoliba
audio stream:                               link
video stream:                               +

HOERSPIEL – little play to listen (and to watch):


HOERSPIEL is a radiophonic thaether performance by Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro and produced by Multimedijalna koliba, little artistic organization from Zagreb. It basically refers to radio as an artistic medium. The idea was to break the limitations of radio-drama studios and at the same time to bring to a theatre stage a special kind of quality, an invisible partner – sound. Sound as a mean of expression, tension, atmosphere, emotion and as theme. Also, we wanted to peep in the past, not in order to glorify it, but to search for the pure meaning of the first theoretical and poetical thoughts on radio and to re-interprete them through theatre.

One of the inspirations coming from the past was a remembering of a Croatian actor Vjekoslav Afrić on his first days at Radio-Zagreb (1926.):
At the time we believed that the whole world was listening. We were convinced that the voice travels from ear to ear, that everyone can hear. We thought that was very interesting. We went to the courtyard on the St. Marc’s Square under a large tree. It was so hot in June that we had to have rehearsals under the tree. In our time the general belief was that those sound effects would replace theatre stage and that instead of lines and colours there would be sounds.“

So in HOERSPIEL we are balancing on the very edge between theatre and aether.
During a burlesque travel through early radio history, 10 performers (actors, musician, writers) juggle with live sound effects (foleys), atmospheres, music and silence and possible ways of their perception. We use texts of around 30 authors from all over the world.