2015 / 20:30 – 20:50 [gmt] CZECH RADIO / Live from Pilsen

NOIZ: Rausch

Radio station:                              Czech Radio Vltava
Venue/s of the event:                  Papírna Pilsen
                                                         Gallery Vestředu
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                                                         Petr Vrba
                                                         Thomas Lehn
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Czech radio Vltava (16.01.2014 from 19:00 to 21:30 GMT)

Czech Radio is going to celebrate Art’s Birthday 2015 in the spirit of a simple question that cannot be answered outright – a question we may be embarrassed to ask, and which every year, again and again, opens the one and only celebration of Art’s Birthday, as a gesture that examines the current situation of the artistic activity. A series of several totally unexpected encounters will come as a gift as well as the answer: Baroque cantata, folklore songs, sports reporting, contemporary music, intermedial performance. The evening of acoustic arts will take place in the student Gallery Vestředu and in the Culture Centre Papírna Pilsen. The timing of this event will correspond with the launch of Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture 2015.

One of the unexpected encounters will be a performance prepared in collaboration with the music experimentalist and sound performer Petr Vrba. For the occasion of the celebration of Art’s Birthday we have invited the German-Italian duo Thomas Lehn and Tiziana Bertoncini whose specific characteristics are unexpected encounters of a classical and electronic musical instrument. Their work is based upon the contrastive combination of contemporary approaches to the language of music with principles that are basically classical. When joined to Petr Vrba, the relentless explorer of various forms of improvisation, a trio will ensue for the celebration of Art’s Birthday that oscillates in the areas of unconventional electroacoustic music and free improvisation. This premiere performance will be also heard on the airwaves of the satellite network of EBU during the birthday celebrations and is supported by Goethe institute Prague a Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga.

Ensemble: NOIZ
Petr Vrba, vibrating loudspeakers, trumpet
Thomas Lehn, analogue synthetiser EMS Synthi A
Tiziana Bertoncini, violin