2015 / 20:20 – 20:40 [gmt] DKULTUR / Live from BERLIN

TAREK ATOUI: The Mirror Session

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Tarke Atoui: The Mirror Session
with Charbel Haber
Tarek Atoui, Libanese sound artist, combines transcultural and transhistorical layers of sound languages. He thereby continues a project he started during the 8th Berlin biennale. “The Dahlem Sessions” project uses the Berlin phonogram archive. The archive houses thousands of ethnomusicological recordings and a unique collection of historic instruments from all over the world.
Tarek Atoui invited various musicians of the Berlin improvisation community to play these instruments. He recorded these sessions and presented them to instrument makers from around the world, asking for new devices that could reproduce the same kind of sound. In November 2014, these instruments were played in the „Reverse Sessions” at the Mexican Kurimanzutto-Gallery.
At art’s birthday Tarek Atoui will play several historic string instruments using a modern mechanic bow. These instruments come from Africa, India and South America and are a part of the Berlin phonogram archive. Atoui will be accompanied by Lebanese musician, performer and composer Charbel Haber.

Tarek Atoui was born in 1980 in Beirut and lives in Berlin today. He studied contemporary and electronic music in Reims. From 2007 to 2008 he was artistic director at STEIM, a studio for electro-instrumental music in Amsterdam.
His various performances and installations were presented, among others, at the New Museum New York (2010), the Sharjah Biennial United Arab Emirates (2009), dOCUMENTA 13 (2012), the Auditorium Louvre (2013) and the Foundation Louis Vuitton (2014). For the project “Dahlem Sessions” he collaborated with the following musicians Burkhard Beins, Rudi Fischerlehner, Charbel Haber, Katt Hernandez, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas, Andrea Neuman, Stéphane Rives, Sharif Sehnaoui und Michael Vorfeld.

Charbel Haber, Lebanese musician, performer & composer, born in Beirut on June 1, 1978. Lives and works in Beirut. Co-founder and member of Lebanese post-rock group Scrambled Eggs since 1998. Active contributor to Lebanese free improvisation festival Irtijal since 2002, and core member of MILL (Musique Improvisée Libre au Liban) association since 2002.
Founder of experimental music record label Those Kids Must Choke in 2004. The label has released 6 albums to the present day. Cofounder(with Al Maslakh) of experimental record label Johnny Kafta’s Kids Menu in 2010.
Member of Lebanese free improvisation large ensemble, Moukhtabar Ensemble (2005-2007). Member and co-founder of free improvisation groups BAO, XEFM, The Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra and psychedelic Arabic music trio Malayeen. Haber has collaborated with musicians and artists such as Gene Coleman, Justice Yeldham & The Dynamic Ribbon Machine, Jean Pallandre, Laurent Grappe, Tadahiko Yokogawa, Stéphane Rives, Christine Sehnaoui, Radivision, Rohdri Davies, Jean Francois Pauvros, The Ex…
He has also recorded and released collaborations with notable artists from the fields of free rock and improv, including Michael Zerang, Joseph Ghosn’s Discipline, David Stackenas, Mats Gustafson, Annette Krebs, Eddie Prevost and Sabu Toyozumi.
Haber’s work encompasses film, video art, and theater, both as a solo artist and as a member of Scrambled Eggs. The latter have composed the soundtracks for long-feature films A Perfect Day and Je Veux Voir by Lebanese directors Khalil Joreige & Joanna
Hadji Thomas. They have also contributed incidental music to Lebanese director Ghassan Salhab’s nominated feature The Last Man.
As a solo artist, Haber has collaborated with Lebanese video artists Lamia Joreige and Akram Zaatari. He has composed the music and performs in Rabih Mroueh and Lina Saneh’s theater performance Photo Romance(2010).
He is presently involved in the preparation of a musical tribute to Egyptian guitar virtuoso Omar Khorchid, an 8 electric guitar orchestra soon to be released on Italian record label Sagittarius A-Star.