2018 / 20:10 – 20:30 [gmt] live from SOUTH RIVER / CANADA

Martin Marier Performs on The Sponge

Radio station:                                 Naisa Radio
Venue/s of the event:                  NAISA North Media Arts Centre, Canada
Links:                                                   Naisa Art’s Birthday
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audio stream:                                 Naisa
video stream:                                  Nasia

On the afternoon of January 17th Art’s Birthday broadcasts from around the world will be streamed into the NAISA North Media Arts Centre and Cafe in the village of South River, Ontario, Canada. At NAISA listeners can warm up with a cup of Muskoka Coffee and welcome Martin Marier to the Near North. At 15:10 local time, he will perform on his unique digital instrument – The Sponge – for a special broadcast shared with the EBU Art’s Birthday network.