2015 / 19:40 – 20:00 [gmt] ESTONIAN RADIO / Live from Talinn

Klassikaraadio and Artishok present:
Art`s Birthday 2014: Soundscape of Raul Keller…

Radio station:                                 Estonian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                  1st studio of Estonian Radio
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audio stream:                              klassikaraadio
video stream:                              Estonian Radio

Klassikaraadio and Artishok present:
Art`s Birthday 2014: Soundscape of Raul Keller…satellit
This year Art`s Birthday in Estonia is celebrated with participatory sound-installation by Raul Keller at old studio space in National Radio building.
Raul Keller is sound artist, musician and head of New Media Department in Estonian Academy of Arts. His work has focused mostly on site-specific sound-installations, sound-performances, musical improvisations and experiments with radios. Keller is interested in sound, but mediated, multiplied sound, technologically filtered sound; sound as a signal, as a  noise, information in it and lack thereof, tidbits on the empty frequencies.
Through sound space becomes tangible and human perception of it is put under question marks, Keller has been interested in physical space`s continuity, infinities and problems of possibilities. Minimal, industrial elegance that creates immerse spaces that manipulates with common understanding of the space and brings forward shortcomings of understandings of the spacial physics. While working with minimally differentiated sounds and rhythmical repetitions, time doesn’t have any role here; participant-listener-viewer is transported into sound-space outside of time. During Art`s Birthday, people present can lie down on the floor and focus on their different senses, or walk around and influence with their bodies the soundscape that becomes alive. Birthday guests in front of the radios all over the world can also create comfortable situation for themselves and be prepared to be carried away by minimal poetry of the abstract sound.